Story Submission Guidelines

We at Creepy Deck are always looking for new stories to publish however, we’ve implemented some guidelines to ensure that we provide you, our viewers, with quality content.

Story must be original and fictional
Creepy Deck is a growing online community of creative and imaginative storytellers. For the sake of originality and authenticity, all submitted stories must be fictional (not a recount of true stories) and can only be submitted to Creepy Deck by the original author as it pertains to copyright law. Do not submit stories authored by anyone other than yourself.

Story Length and structure
Ideally we’d prefer stories between 1000 and 2000 words. Also note that your submitted story should be well structured and grammatically correct. Stories that fail to meet this criteria will not be accepted.

Genre and content
We prefer narratives that fall within the scary/horror genre however, as long as the submitted piece has creepy undertones, we’re willing to take it into consideration.
Your story should not contain or promote violence, nudity, discrimination, gore, death scenes or any other inappropriate content our staff may deem unsuitable for publication.

What happens to my story?
Your story will be reviewed for proper story structure, grammar and other criteria to determine eligibility. Approved stories will be posted to the site and the author will be given full credit for the published piece.

How do I submit?
It’s easy. Once you’ve read the guidelines above click here to submit your story for review.